1 in 5

People with Mental Health Diagnosis

1 in 4

Adults with Depression

1 in 4

Teens with Anxiety Disorder

1 in 2

Teens with Mental Illness Drop out of High School

Bringing the Mentally Ill Into the Body of Christ.

You Can Help

A Few Things Anyone Can Do to Help


Be a friend…

to the parents of a mentally ill child.  Because of the stigma of mental illness, there may be no more lonely parenting experience.

Be a friend…

to the siblings of a child with mental illness.  The illness and stigma impact the whole family.  The other children often receive less attention than their mentally ill sibling, not due to parental neglect, but  because of the reality of the demands of mental illness.

Love your friend…

who struggles with mental illness.  He needs your support more than you know.  And after all, he isn’t contagious.

OutsideIn Ministries Blog

Life Interrupted

No one looks forward to unexpected difficulty. But unexpected difficulty can set the course of life towards the big dream God has in mind.
Here are a few valuable, shareable things I’ve learned in this time.

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Reach Out! Many CAN’T.

Pastor Thomas William McCracken III of Salem, VA demonstrates why the Church must reach out. In our connected world, how can a man die with no friends or relatives? How can he live in squalor in a wealthy nation? Mental illness often robs people of the ability to make connection. Making connection is the mission of Jesus and His followers.

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You Can Help.

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