This article stabs me squarely in the heart, in several ways.  Let’s just say I have intimate, personal experience with many aspects of this article.  And I’ve been compelled through very unpleasant circumstances to learn how to channel my rage in a godly way.

You know some of my story.  One day I’ll tell the whole thing.  But not yet.

My God is kind.  What has happened to me and loved ones, the DNA that lives in my cells and that I share with others is not a cosmic accident.  It is God working through me, in the ways He has educated, equipped and empowered me to speak up and speak out to do my part to repair a heartless world.

Here’s an important takeaway as you read this article:  ‘quirky,’ ‘square peg in a round hole,’ ‘doesn’t fit in’ aren’t personality traits.  They’re symptoms.  So stop treating people with the odd behaviors like everything about them is sin.

Educating yourself and changing your behavior might just prevent the next suicide.

The suicide epidemic among high-functioning persons with autism

Personal Tragedies, Public Crisis:  The Urgent Need for a National Response to Early Death in Autism

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