May is Mental Health Month!  In our world of National Talk Like a Pirate Day, National Vinegar Day and National Absurdity Day, I really appreciate that awareness of mental illness has risen to the level of getting its own month.

There are many designated days for specific mental health awareness within the month of May, and Outside In Ministries will do its part to highlight those.

And how fitting is it that Outside In Ministries is about to launch our first mental health pilot with a faith community, starting officially on May 24.  Lots of groundwork has been laid, lots of research, and we’re grateful to this church that’s willing to step up and learn and become welcoming to individuals and families who have mental health struggles as part of their life experience.  One in 4 of us has a mental health diagnosis; we’re already in every faith community.  It’s just so refreshing that churches are starting to catch a glimpse of the ministry and love of Christ that can be shared in a whole new way, by addressing the deep well of fear, hurt and need that accompanies mental illness.

Stay tuned for more.